After my decision to build a full Open Source Software based DVB-S2 USB module I ordered some PCI-Express connectors from China on Aliexpress. The delivery time was quite low I received my package about 11 days after placing my order. This is really quick for standard delivery from China to Germany. Next step will be adding this connector to Eagle PCB Design Software. And designing a small breadboard to PCI-Express board and host it on OSHPark.

I have not found any data sheet for this connector yet. On one side it has an engraving with ,,tyco/Electronics” and on the other side some code ,,08306ED’‘.


After some research I found a ,,data sheet’‘ ENG_DS_4-1773442-7_0308-2.pdf but it lacks detailed drawings about the PIN pitch. After some research I discovered that those connectors are described in the PCI Express Card Electromechanical Specification.