The U-Boot for the Amlogic S805 from Hardkernel has the capabilities to display a bootlogo. It is not that easy to find any bootlogo that complies to a licence which can be used in comercial and in open source environments. Using the yocto logo is most probably prohibited, so I decided to design my own logo. And saved it to 24-bit Windows BMP image with the dimension of 1280×720 as statet in the ODROID-C1 Wiki

Modifying boot.ini

In my Amlogic meta layer for the yocto build system I do not use a Fat32 boot partition so the original bootlogo loading command needed some minor modifications. The bootlogo is name bootlogo.bmp and should be copied to /boot.

# loading and displaying bootlogo
logo size ${outputmode}
video open
video clear
video dev open ${outputmode}
ext4load mmc 0:1 ${loadaddr_logo} /boot/bootlogo.bmp
bmp display ${loadaddr_logo}
bmp scale

You can either add this to your boot.ini or wait until I pushed a patch for meta-amlogic.

Modifying the U-Boot environment

Another option is to change the U-Boot environment. There is already a variable called preloadlogo. We can update the command to load the bootlogo from ext4 instead of Fat32

setenv preloadlogo 'logo size ${outputmode};video open;video clear;video dev open ${outputmode};ext4load mmc 0:1 ${loadaddr_logo} /boot/bootlogo.bmp;bmp display ${loadaddr_logo};bmp scale'

Pleas ensure, that you paste this as a single line.